United States Air Force OCS Class 62-A


2011 Class Reunion
San Antonio, Texas


Tall tales
in the
Hospitality Room

and there I was at 40,000 feet...

The real bosses

Nancy told
a joke

Don't they look sweet

Nancy coaches
the guys

Knights of the Oval Table - Lew looks on thru the porthole

Furlong, Backer & Belcher - It says right here

Roper, Miller
& Sophie

George Lindquist
& Tom Tisler
On the road again, can't wait to get on the road again...
Thursday we rode the bus to Fredericksburg and had a great day.

Transportation arranged by David Bassett

Gary Belcher

Tom and Sue

Al Priebel

How did you say
to work the camera

Oh! Like this

Jan & Tom Tisler

Al Zerumsky
Are we there yet

Dave & Jan Carter

Bruce & Jill Sophie

Dick & Eileen

del'Etoile w/small 'd'

Joe & Shelby Wells

Lew & Pat Dickens

Bob & Leigh Ficinus

Alright, everybody inside

Lewis points the way...
AND took the picture

Al Zerumsky...
Am I in charge now

Dave has our tickets for the museum

Left side view
of museum

Japanese submarine conning tower 

Nimitz Hotel
 in Fredericksburg

Hal reties the
flag line

Oh boy... Lunch AND happy hour

Jan & Tom Tisler
and Sonya

Jeanette, Gene Lewis
& Al Zerumsky

Bruce & Jill Sophie and
Nancy McNary

 Miller and Sophie
in Tow